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What they said

"I love using online as part of my poetry posts. The work is fun, instantly recognisable and makes you stop and look and look again. I'm constantly finding new meanings in the pictures"

Hollie McNish 

poet, author and spoken word artist

"Fresh and intimate, with different perspective. Honest feelings mixed with powerful use of color makes her work stand out. Looking forward to see more"

Piotr Chrobot 

creative director at  Life on Mars

"An amazingly powerful message in art, humorous and colorful, beautiful details in a simple drawing, I love it!"

Magdalena Maria Maksalon


"Kamila, I love your Artwork, it's so graphic and direct. I especially like Easter with Edgar Allen Poe. There is an element of that nursery rhyme sedition in your work, which is almost surrealist, combining the childlike simplicity with an underlying not so innocent message. Your use of primary colours with textured backgrounds makes the whole thing work so well."
Alan Grabham
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